Bleasy! Preview

Here's a little sneak preview of bleasy!, which is coming very soon. It comes from the words bleem! + easy, which is renamed shortformed bleasy!.
This is actually a bleem! configuration tool with extra features, such as Save/Load, Auto-Controller config, easier and more user friendly config....
and more will come soon. Here are some snaps from bleasy! in action:

bleasy! can save the configuration of a certain game to and send it to a friend, to the net, backup your CONFIG, make the best config for a specific game, etc.... Bleasy have PRESETS from Bleem homepage like "VOODOO 3 RECOMMENDED CONFIG", Bleasy will support AUTO-JOYSTICK CONFIGURATION soon to auto detect the button pressed and make a easier config of the controllers....
And much MORE!

So, wait for this program, it's worth a catch!

If you have questions or suggestions to bleasy, please mail me.

- Preview by Nick -