Frequently Asked Question

What send the new "Mail to Blini!" function ?

This function send me a mail in the follow format :

--- blini - Beta Release 3 --- (Your Blini! Version)
Name : This is your name (important for the Thanks-Section)
Mail :
Hi Blini!-Team (Your Comments & Suggestions)
VERSION=1.5B (Your INI-Entries)



The "Mail To Blini!" function or/and the Updatefunction doesn't work in Blini! Beta Release 3. Why ?

This new version used direct access to the winsock for more speed.

I think there is a problem with an Proxy Internet Service Provider.

If these new functions doesn't work or if you have Proxy ISP and it works, please contact me (

When checking the advanced informations about a game, blini! lists the details from another version of this game (for example PAL <--> NTSC). Why that ?

Blini! isn't able to detect the version of the game only by using the DiscID. To get around this, blini! tries to find the correct informations by comparing the flags from the ini and the compatibilty.txt ! But when the PAL and the NTSC versions are both running the same way (perfect, not running at all etc.), it's possible that the informations from the PAL version are listed under the NTSC section and the other way around.

What is the Visual Basic Runtime for?

Blini! is written in Visual Basic 6 and requires the runtime to start!

The text in the "Details" field isn't completely visible. Why?

Blini! reads the information in the "Details" field from the file "compatibility.txt". Unfortunately, the "DETAILS" column is too small, and therefore details of several games are cut off. In illustration, check "compatibility.txt" or the screenshot at the bottom.

How come my blini! opens such a big window?

Blini! has many functions. To show all these functions in the mainwindow, blini! needed this big-sized window.

Blini! is best viewed in 1024x768.

Where can I find the Disc ID / 10-digit code?

The 10-digit code can be found when you actually run bleem!
When the window pops up, saying which problems are known in bleem!, OR when the window pops up, saying that the game is untested, there is a b! icon in the upper left corner. If you click on that, a window will pop up with a 10 digit code. Make sure you get all 10 digits, including leading and trailing 0's.