blini! 5 [22.10.2000]

Well, 10 month after the last release of blini!, here is a new one now. :)
I know, the improvments are not very important, but i think useful for all blini! users.
Also i've updated some old links to the PSXEmu MessageBoard and to the bleem! page, they won't work in the old release.
Ok, here is a list of the new improvments (a very short list ;) ) :
  • Now you can search with wildcards (* and ?) for a game from the list.
    This means, when you're searching for the game 'WWF Smackdown', it's now enough to enter '*Smackdown' into the search field - This should make it easier for you if you aren't sure about the internal name, the bleem!.ini may use.
  • Some old links updated
  • 339 new known DiscID's
  • A new version of UPX is out (v1.02) and this version is compressed with it UPX v1.02 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar.

    Known DiscIDs : 1551 (Thanks to Dragon¥en)
Ok, that's all. To download the new release, goto the download page.

Update-function updated again [12.05.2000]

Nearly impossible : After nearly 2 months, finally something is going on :)

To be exact : Today, I took the freedom to update the update.ini on blini!'s server with exactly 223 new games !'s ini update is mainly responsible for this update, which added 195 new entries, 23 are from Magic Sam and 5 from Leonidas Ernesto Ramirez Murillo.

Sorry for the long break, but you know : What lasts long, finally becomes good. :)

Additionally, i copied the compatibility.txt from's server in my download directory, which helps to get even more infos out of the ini.

new entries again [11.03.2000]

Magic Sam (works on Consolemul) released an inofficial bleem!.ini with more than 50 new ini-entries.

I've put these entries in the blini!-update and you can download it direct in blini! with the blini!-update function.

Thanks to Magic Sam and

38 new entries in the blini! update function [8.03.2000]

Sorry, but I didn't had enough free time in the past few days to upload the many new ini-entries you sent me. I was busy with the Assembler-Routines of 'Project X' (Only the GUI is in Visual Basic now :).

Now, there're 38 new entries ready for download in the update function.

For those new entries, I want to send out thanks to :

SabreWulf, Agustinus Pribadi, MCordoba (!?), Leonidas Ernesto Ramirez Murillo, Daesug Park

And I hope you'll continue supporting me like that in the future.

blini! updated [27.02.2000]

After a short time of no new blini! releases I finally decided to release a new version, it is only a small bug-fix but a very important one.

  • bug fix (The remote button in release 4 doesn't work)
    Thanks to dad.36 for the bug report.
  • A new version of UPX is out (v0.99) and this version of blini! is compressed with it.
    UPX v0.99 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar.
P.S The hard work on "Project X" will it make harder to release new version of blini, but I think it´s worth the afford.

Download it at the Download section.

Use Gameshark codes with bleem! [19.02.2000]

Maybe you already heard about the "special" feature coming with 1.5 ! Many people thought it's a program included in bleem!, but it was an additional program which allows you to use normal Gameshark codes with bleem!. Only thing many people complained about : It wasn't free. But now, there's another upcoming project which will be able to do the same thing - But this time, it's a freeware tool developed by Jens Duttke, programmer of the great bleem! utility "blini!".

Preview written by Bobbi.

Click here to read the complete preview now!

Fourth blini! release [12.02.2000]

Wau, already the fourth release of blini!, this time with those features :

  • bug fixes
  • Blini! now shows when a game works under D3D
  • an improved update function for those of you, who didn't got the old one working
    The old function : "Online Update (based on MSWINSCK)"
    The new function : "Online Update (based on MSINET)"
  • Changed the window size - Now viewable in 800x600
  • The Compatibility.TXT isn't load on startup any more, this causes a speed improvment of more than 400% on startup
Known DiscIDs : 1212

We're running out of future ideas, so we created a small script where you can suggest new ideas for the next releases :

Your idea :

Please only click once !

Thanks again for DragonYen, Bobbi, Nick, Thorgal for their support.

blini! Logo [10.02.2000]

Many emulation and bleem! related pages use the blini! logo directly from the program or from my page. But that looks ugly in my opinion.

For all these people i've added the blini!-logo in the size 2000x1200 with transparent background, for use with Jasc Paint Shop Pro 5 to the download section.

If you use this picture for your page or for a review, please send me your address to

blini! Page in new style [6.02.2000]

I played a bit around with the design and I think, that this one looks quite a bit better. But since your opinion is the one that counts, we created a Poll where you can tell us if YOU prefer the new design.

Also I changed the news from the 2nd February again, for all of you who wondered, who are the people on that picture.

P.S.: Blini! already became 2 months old and, thanks to your great support, it's homepage already had more than 20000 visitors. This prooves to me, that it can't be THAT bad :)

A special thanks goes out to Bobbi, Thorgal and Nick from, to Dragon¥en and Langaidin from bleem, LLC. and to all of you, who helped me either per E-mail or in EfNet with great ideas or questions, which got blini! to what it is today (and to Cerlyn (webmaster of, who didn't changed the compatibility system on their page, so that blini! release 3 still can view it using it's new function !)

When you still have new suggestions for blini! or for this homepage, please mail it to me either using blini! directly or to

Thanks again, Jens Duttke

Not blini!, but cool [2.02.2000]

This is not a blini! news, but i think it's very interesting for all bleem!-fans.

The bleem!-Team !

(This scan is from a german computer magazin called PC Games 3/2000, scanned by me)

For more information check out the Bleem! Messageboard

many new entires in the update-function [1.02.2000]

Many people send me new Ini-entries with the blini!-updatefunction, but only few of these was shown in the update. Reason was a bug in my "update-check-program", that checked your mails for new-entries.

I've found the bug today and fixed it. Now you can update your bleem!.ini with many new entries.

Thanks to all people who send me the many many entries.

blini! Release 3 [30.01.2000]

A new version and many news with it :

  • Now you can consult the online compatibility list at to receive additional information about the selected game.
  • Thanks to Dragon¥en, blini! is now able to fit the infos from the bleem!.ini and from the compatiblity.txt properly together by a new comparing system
  • Blini! now reads the DiscID automaticly from most (not all yet though) PSX games, what means that you don't have to run bleem! to get it any more
  • The compatibility.txt is loaded up to 25% faster now
  • The blini!.exe only is 160 KB large now (before it was over 1 MB) thanks to UPX v0.94 made by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar. A big thanks to the programmers for this usefull tool.
Download it at the Download section.

P.S. Sadly, we weren't able to get the promised compare and repair function into the program, but I think these other features are also pretty nice :)

bleasy! Sneaks [23.01.2000]

Remember bleasy!, which was said to be released soon.
Well, we've done a sneak preview of it.
We believe that if there's no bugs found during beta testing, we'll release it next week.

Click here to view the preview now!

Blini! Page updated again [23.01.2000]

Now you're able to download the latest version of bleem!'s compatibility.txt, which is used by blini! to provide additional game informations to the games in your bleem!.ini.

This file is directly from bleem, LLC

A big thanks flys out to Dragon¥en

blini! Page updated [22.01.2000]

I've added the Links and Thanks section

blini! Beta Release 3 Build 2 [08.01.2000]

I've fixed only one 'bug', but i think it could be helpful :

  • 'after editing it GOES BACK to the first game in the list' is fixed now
Download it at the Download section.

P.S. The full release 3 comming soon and i hope bleasy also.

blini! Beta Release 3 [03.01.2000]

Well, here it is then: the first beta of blini! release 3! Here's what's new:

  • "Mail to blini!" function
  • Update function is based on Winsock now, which gives you another speed-up
Download it at the Download section.

And please keep supporting us!

New entries anybody? [02.01.2000]

Some of you may have noticed the lack of new game entries available when using the Online Update Wizard recently. This is particularly due to the fact that we haven't recieved new entries from anybody. We need your support! By sending us new game entries, we will expand the bleem!.ini, making alot of people happy :). You will also be named in the readme.txt file, which is included with blini!

Also, the next release of blini! is coming up very soon! The 'Beta Release 3' will be released most likely tomorrow (if my harddrive won't crash again :), with a new feature called 'Mail to blini!' wizard. This lets you easily submit new game entries; also, you may add any comments or suggestions if you'd like, so we can expand the bleem!.ini as much as possible!

Thank you for your support!

Sad news [30.12.1999]

Well, a sad day. After a HD crash I found out that my backup became corrupt in the meantime, I lost the latest blini! source code, and have to re-write everything beginning from Release 2a. Sorry, since this means that there won't be a new blini! version this millennium any more.

Anyway, a happy new year

Sorry, Jens Duttke

Merry Christmas [24.12.1999]

I wish every blini user a nice christmas and happy holidays.

We're proud to announce that ANOTHER blini! version will be released THIS millenium !
A new tool for bleem!, which easily allows any configuration changes is also under development by Max Hunter and myself.

PS. Thanks for your great mail

Jens Duttke

blini! 2a released [15.12.1999]

The second release of blini! has been updated to version 2a! Here's what's new:

  • Many more bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous translation corrections
Download the second release at the download page!

New released! [12.12.1999]

The second release of blini! is released! Here's a list of what's new:
  • Online Update added to get the latest game entries
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Speed improvements
  • Menubar added
  • Function to disable the Compatibility.txt, for better performance
  • The possibility to select another .ini and .txt file while having blini! running
  • The algorithm for reading the Ini data has been adjusted to the way bleem! does

Page Updated [5.12.1999]

The blini! homepage in new style and updated :

Now the FAQ is added!

The old VB6-Runtime doesn't work correcly. Please download the new file again.

Opening and first release [1.12.1999]

Welcome to the blini! homepage.

First off, what is blini! ?

Well, blini! is a powerfull tool which allows you to easily edit the bleem! ini file without knowledge about the flag itself. This is the first release and we're already working on new features for the next versions, so keep your eyes on this page. But first we're designing the FAQ and the support section to help you with all issues you may experience. Please read the readme in the zip file before you run the program.

Thanks to Zico for helping us with the design !